the Presence Point

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Are you longing to reconnect with your basic humanity? Looking to deepen your path of leadership? Are you hungry to delve into the practice of everyday creativity? Sarah offers the following workshops focused on embodiment, creative process and transformative decision making.

  • Embodying Leadership:

    Leadership is a path of challenging transformation.

    Do you perceive inner richness and unexpressed talents, yet feel stuck, blocked or paralyzed? Are you longing to find ways to break through, feel your way into new discoveries and move in a direction that is led by your inner compass?

    This workshop is for people who find themselves in a leadership role and need soft but powerful encouragement. This is for you if you need help grounding and nourishing your vision by asking brave and direct questions, allowing you to give birth to your own unique creativity. You will be invited to taste your particular style of moving through your life, job or career by identifying how you make decisions, learning to navigate stuck patterns and developing your personal goals.

    Are you accustomed to speedy decisions that come from a mind of fear and panic? What would a day feel like if you unlocked your innate creativity and allowed more embodiment and play?

    In this workshop, you will not only explore techniques to embody awareness, but you will also have the opportunity to engage your core questions and recognize the resources at your disposal. Please bring a specific situation, challenge or question you would like to work on during this workshop. You will go home with a map you have created that will chart the path towards realizing your vision and goals.

    Unlock your path of leadership. Be prepared for transformation. Take a leap and join us.

  • Embodying Presence:

    What would it be like to "come home" to ourselves, on and off the meditation cushion? Is it possible to "stay with" our experiences as they happen? We will explore what it's like to inhabit our bodies and to live at the center of our lives.

  • Cultivating Genuine Creative Process:

    Give yourself a gift: Come home to your own body. Open up to what is possible.

    We will experiment with what it feels like to be in our bodies. We will learn how to rest deeply and tap into our natural resilience. Once we arrive at the presence point, we will engage in the process of reflection, allowing space for creative expression to emerge. From here, we will cultivate a recognition of our core motivation and begin to identify practical steps for manifesting our inspiration. Whether we are artists, office workers, truck drivers, gardeners, parents, teachers or students, we have the capacity to be present. We can engage genuine creativity. We can take leadership of our life.

Workshops are offered over the course of one day, a weekend, a couple of hours or a series of weeks. Click here to see a list of upcoming workshops.