the Presence Point

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photo by Mary Claire Carroll

Living an embodied life means living a wakeful life. The embodied, wakeful leader guides and inspires from a platform of genuine wisdom.
  • Are you: a leader?

  • Are you: inspired, motivated and creative yet need help being more grounded, present and flexible?

  • Do you: have a vision but need help manifesting it?

  • Are you: longing to engage more innovation and creativity in your leadership journey?

Then join Sarah for an embodied journey towards executing empowered leadership. Through her unique contemplative approach, you will not only be guided to be more present in every moment, but you will also receive powerful mapping tools to help hone, clarify and articulate your vision. With Sarah's guidance, you will manifest your vision and work through the challenges of daily leadership.

Tuning in to the body allows us to live in the world in a holistic way, allowing us to experience wakefulness instead of sleepiness, clarity instead of confusion. The journey is very literal, grounded and practical.

By cultivating embodiment and engaging creative process, we not only tap into our potential, but we touch our core vision and lay the foundation for living a whole human life. When applying this work to the path of leadership, we can take our seat in our role and the genuine leadership that is expressed deeply benefits the systems we find ourselves leading.

Utilizing the practices of deep listening and reflection, Sarah supports her clients in not only learning to embody their experience but also manifest their vision. Her work is based on the premise that living a beneficial life means being awake to the world. Once that ground of presence is cultivated, Sarah guides her clients to uncover their core vision and motivation through creative process, unique to each client.

Uncover your motivation, inspiration and clarity for your work. Reconnect to a fresh perspective through creative process.

Join Sarah to engage deeply in embodiment, creative process and grounding your vision in a practical, joyful manifestation. Working with her unique contemplative approach, Sarah supports clients in rediscovering key inspirations, identifying challenges, coming up with creative solutions and manifesting with confidence.

Contact Sarah if you are longing to reconnect with your self, your life and your creative potential on your path of leadership. Join her if you are longing to be exactly who you are.

Be prepared for transformation.

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