the Presence Point

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Leadership Empowerment Solutions

The mission of The Presence Point, LLC is to deliver the skills and tools necessary for leaders to flourish so that the culture, mission and bottom line of their organization can thrive.

Working with both the leaders and the larger staff on the development of core leadership skills goes a long way towards allowing individual staff members to find their way into a position of genuine, human leadership so that the company as a whole can thrive and operate at its best. This includes the development of work-life balance, attention to wellness at work, which is supported by learning about leadership skills such as: active listening, integrity in action, being human in leadership, engaged empathy, confidence in presentation, facing challenge, giving & receiving feedback, and the ability to navigate challenge, change and conflict.

Leadership development is not new: the majority of Fortune 500 companies see so much value in mentorship programs that they’re using them in their own organizations, and executives are attributing their own career success to their mentors. What’s new is that when leaders develop themselves from the inside-out, their clients, customers and community members are benefitted, strengthened and supported by the skills developed by the leaders at those organizations. What’s new, and what The Presence Point focuses on, is shining a light on leadership self-empowerment, by training the human skills of leadership.

The Presence Point was founded by Sarah Lipton after nearly twenty years’ experience in two key streams that are brought into the work of The Presence Point: leadership of others and a background of deep training in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, which focuses on learning how to take leadership of one’s own life for the benefit of others.

Sarah teaches clients to be present within experience so that they can relate directly and genuinely with the environment and systems around them.

When our relationships are grounded in things as they actually are, we can take our seat fully in the center of our path of leadership. In this way, every action and communication that is expressed arises from a place of possibility and vision instead of fear and doubt.