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Leadership Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring

Do you need help navigating your leadership role? Are you looking to build your innate confidence, move in a direction that is led by your inner compass, and manifest your vision? Are you longing to reconnect to who you really are? Work with Sarah one-on-one for individual leadership mentoring.

Leadership is a path of challenging transformation. Leadership mentoring offers you a platform to develop that path with guidance and support.

Leadership mentoring is for people who find themselves in a leadership role and need soft but powerful encouragement. This is for you if you need help grounding and nourishing your vision by asking brave and direct questions, allowing you to give birth to your own unique creativity. You will be invited to taste your particular style of moving through your job or career by identifying how you make decisions, learning to navigate stuck patterns and developing your personal goals.

With leadership mentoring, you will:

  • explore techniques to embody awareness
  • engage your core questions and challenges
  • recognize the resources at your disposal
  • uncover what you need in order to manfest your vision
  • receive the mentoring that will allow you to succeed in your leadership role

How it works:

You are invited to bring a specific situation, challenge or question you would like to work on with Sarah to your initial conversation. Then, over the first three months, Sarah will help listen you into your own wisdom. You will receive tools and resources to help you create a map that will chart the path towards realizing your vision and goals. Sarah will mentor your unfolding journey of leadership by guiding you to empower yourself as a leader. Learn more about the specifics of the process here.

First half-hour consultation is free. Contact Sarah now.

The base fee for a weekly one-hour meeting is $150. Clients are encouraged, but not limited, to sign up for an initial phase of mentoring over a three month period, usually followed by another three month phase. Please email for details.

Unlock your path of leadership. Be prepared for transformation. Take a leap.