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Client Process

Client Process

A Word from Sarah on the Presence Point process:

My work is based on the premise that society needs leaders to express confidence through genuine presence — this is how I define leadership.

When those engaged in leadership arrive at the presence point, it allows them to engage in authentic expression. The approach I take is individually tailored to meet you where you are and travel with you on your journey as a leader. Together we will embark on a multi-phase process to support you in articulating your vision and realizing your calling.

The phases below apply both to supporting my individual clients as well as companies wishing to support their leadership.

Phase One: Discovering Genuine Expression

First, we will work in depth with my unique 6-step technique that is designed to help you gain ready access to your own presence point. This technique guides you to be fully present in your body and environment, thereby allowing you to reflect upon and communicate this sense of presence to others.

Engaging this process forms the basis for our work together — once you have thoroughly absorbed the technique, we will start each subsequent session with an abbreviated version of the process. Furthermore, I’ll encourage you to engage it in daily life — as a new practice, or as a quick flash before a meeting or other important event — until it becomes second nature to your everyday experience of leadership.

As leaders, this is the place of manifestation. Out of our genuine presence, we can act and guide and communicate. We are in tune, we are aware of our environment and our own feelings, and reflection has allowed us to attune to the feelings of others as well. It is the point from which we can engage in the flow of creativity — fluid and responsive, rather than tight and controlling. Genuine expression allows us to gracefully and effectively navigate and facilitate change and transition.

Phase Two: Mapping Vision

In order to dive deeply together into your leadership journey, we will engage in a multi-step mapping process to clarify where you are right now, look at where you have come from, then articulate where you want to go, what you will need to get there, and what resources and support you already have at your fingertips.

The process is one of guided inquiry. Step by step, we will work together to feel into your experience and draw it out visually. Using guided imagery and your own sense of your unique vision as it unfolds before you, the structure of the mapping process allows for great creative flexibility in how it unfolds, providing a beautiful path for us to travel together.

It is so rare, as busy people, that we pause to recognize the riches already at our disposal and the vision that is beckoning to us loud and clear; the mapping process is a powerful tool for discovery and growth.

Phase Three: Deep Leadership Mentoring

From the foundation created in the first two phases of our work together, we can embark an ongoing mentoring relationship. We can use the skills and tools we develop together to explore obstacles and challenges, interpersonal relationships, self-discipline, change and transition, confidence, maintaining an integrated and sustainable system (ie: team building), as well as manifesting vision. As needed, we can re-visit elements of the mapping process, and of course the six steps to the presence point will continue to be the ground of our work together.

I will work with you to determine an appropriate timing and framework for our continuing work that can best support you on your leadership journey.

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