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Genuine - the podcast

Genuine - the podcast

It is time to shift society's dialogue away from the negative and towards inspiration.

It is time to Spark and Ignite.

By taking off our masks, being who we are, embodying our experience and leading from a place of authenticity, we can change the world. Our willingness to be who we are is the spark that ignites that genuineness in others.

Genuine, the podcast aims to do just that by harvesting stories from around the world about what sparks and inspires people.

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The aim of this podcast is to harvest, nurture and curate stories from around the world that showcase what it means to be genuine. We do not set out to concretely define the word genuine, but rather reveal the incredible diversity of what genuine means to people from all walks of life, all around the globe.

As the founder and producer of this podcast, I, Sarah Lipton, am deeply inspired that now is the time to nurture this shift in society's dialogue. I know from my own experience that when one is inspired, it is very hard not to be genuine. I also know that one person's spark is another person's ignition. Stories that spark have the potential to ignite possibility for the ones that listen.

Story is the oldest, most powerful medium of communication. I am thrilled, honored and humbled to step my toe into the stream of inspiring stories flowing around the world. I am committed to bringing you stories from people you've never heard of whose stories could shift how you think about the world. I am inspired to share stories from people you have heard of, though that may be a little later down the line.

If you are longing to be part of shifting society's dialogue, please join me.

The thread of the conversations hosted on Genuine will pivot around the journey of inspiration. What sparks one of us will ripple out and spark others. If you have a story to share, please tell us.

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Thank you to the following folks at these wonderful organizations who are already engaged as friends of the podcast:
Lee Purcell of Lightspeed Publications
Carlton Greene, Ph.D of University of Maryland
Natanya Bittman of Kripalu Center
Holly Wilkinson of WholeHeartInc
Annie-Rose London of Berrett-Koehler Foundation

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Sarah is currently working on upcoming episodes and once they are complete, they will be loaded up to all of your podcast servers, so stay tuned.