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Episode Five: Turning Towards Discomfort

Episode Five Turning Towards Discomfort
We are delighted (and nervous) to release Genuine, Episode Five! We're calling this "Turning Towards Discomfort" because of the experimental roundtable conversation that Carlton hosted between Sarah and Carlton's colleague Noah.

Carlton invited Sarah and Noah to explore what it means to be white...to examine aspects of race, and to be willing to turn towards discomfort in order to see what happens when we do so.

You will hear original music by Jim Infantino and Jon Sousa. Towards the end of the episode, you'll hear some car radio sounds and ocean sounds that Sarah recorded in Maine at Portland Head Light. At the very end of the episode, we'll get to hear Wolf van Lieshout from the Netherlands read the credits, and we'll hear Natanya Bittman define what genuine means to her - make sure to listen long enough to hear that!
Thanks to Nicole Arsenault and Team Podcast for the editorial and mixing work. Thanks to the growing ranks of Patrons of Genuine (we're up to 23!!!) for supporting the development of this podcast!!!

Click here to listen.

A quick note to you all - Sarah is posting this the day before she is due with her second child, so you will now experience a pause of likely a couple of months before she can continue to finish the next 5 episodes in this first series of Genuine.

Once she is back to work (navigating life with two kiddos), she plans to complete this first series of 10 episodes and will then start working with Carlton to begin working on a second series. Her plan is to start earning enough money with her business, The Presence Point so that she can afford to do a proper PR release for the podcast and get it out to the general public. So you really are first listeners and pioneers. Please share your feedback!

Thanks again for your support!!! And patience...