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Genuine Episode 7 Sparks of Inspiration

Genuine Episode 7: Sparks of Inspiration

Delighted to release Genuine, the podcast, Episode 7: Sparks of Inspiration!

This episode features two interviews - one with a unique traveling hackey-sack guru named Eugene Coneglan, the other is Jim Infantino from Boston, an American singer-songwriter, band leader, graphic designer, web designer, poet, and science-fiction writer. Eugene speaks with us from New York City and we're so happy to finally talk with Jim as you've already been hearing his music every week!

We'll hear a mini hackey-sack lesson in New York City as well as hearing from Sarah Lipton and Carlton Green about how these two interviews weave and intersect. We'll also hear original music from Jim Infantino and Jon Sousa, and sounds from New York City recorded on a trip Sarah took there. Don't forget to listen all the way to the end to hear some words about genuine from Tom Klein & Sabra-Jenks Graham (who introduced Sarah to Eugene). Credits are read by Nashalla Gwyn.

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