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Genuine Episode 4 Unpacking Creative Process

Genuine: Episode 4: Unpacking Creative Process

We are so happy to release Genuine, Episode 4! We're calling this "Unpacking Creative Process" because of the juicy conversation we had with James Thorpe about what it means to engage in creative process. James was also kind enough to let us share some of his original music, so enjoy that too!

You will hear sounds of Boulder, Colorado recorded by David Lipton as well as original music by Jim Infantino and Jon Sousa. At the end of the episode, we'll get to hear Ali Warner from London, England read the credits, and we'll hear David Doerr, Craig Mullins and Alyssa Marino define what genuine means to them - make sure to listen long enough to hear that!

Thanks to Nicole Arsenault and Team Podcast for the editorial and mixing work. Thanks to the 22 Patrons of Genuine for supporting the development of this podcast!

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