the Presence Point

Lead with Joy!

Engage · Motivate · Empower

Engage, Motivate and Empower those YOU lead:

Engage your own inner leadership journey
Motivate others with your mission and vision
Lead with joy and create a thriving and empowering culture around you

With The Presence Point, your company embarks on a multi-phased process to develop flourishing leadership so the culture of your company delivers on its mission and vision.

Can You Benefit from The Presence Point?

Are you longing to transform your company from the inside-out? Is it time to train your leaders how to lead? Do you need support in navigating transition?

The Presence Point’s 4‐Phases:

  • Consulting Services: Create & advance your leadership development program
  • Leadership Mentoring: Guiding individuals in the process of transformation
  • Leadership Development Workshops: Customizable workshops bring your team forward by targeting these crucial skills: active listening, team building, navigating change, having difficult conversations and awakening confidence
  • Group Practicum: Dynamic team sessions focus on bringing forward key skills required to create a robust and thriving leadership culture

The Presence Point

was founded by Sarah Lipton after nearly twenty years’ experience in two key streams that are brought into the work of The Presence Point: leadership of others and a background of deep training in the Shambhala buddhist lineage, which focuses on learning how to take leadership of one’s own life for the benefit of others.

Sarah teaches clients to be present within experience so that they can relate directly and genuinely with the environment and systems around them.

When our relationships are grounded in things as they actually are, we can take our seat fully in the center of our path of leadership.