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the Presence Point

Lead with Joy!

Engage · Motivate · Empower

Harness Your Inner Potential AND Transform Society While You're At It!

Engage contemplative tactics to create the culture you deserve
Motivate others through mission-driven, presence-centered impact leadership
Lead with joy and create a thriving, robust and empowering system around you

With The Presence Point, you, your company, or your team embarks on a multi-phased process to create a thriving culture by developing a flourishing, impactful leadership team. Not only will you be able to deliver on your mission and prosper, but your leaders will also have a profound impact on society.

How do we serve you?

  • We guide you to discern your patterns of behavior, belief and action that are not working to your benefit.
  • We teach core contemplative skills - beyond traditional mindfulness - so you can deeply embody your leadership journey and navigate challenge and transition with ease AND listen to your own inner wisdom.
  • Together, we co-create and design a system within which you are able to find for yourself the tools and resources you need to move your insights into action.

We are not traditional cut-and-paste executive coaches. We are contemplative systems strategists.

How do you benefit from our work?

  • By designing contemplative components for your meetings, retreats and daily work activities, you re-awaken your capacity to put wisdom into practice, not just reactivity.
  • By understanding the system you work within and how you can embody your leadership, you not only empower yourself, but become an inspiration to your fellow employees, colleagues, staff, clients and community members so that they too feel empowered.
  • As you transform into a space of interconnected empowerment, you are able to envision and therefore enact profound impact through your own internal system, as well as more widely in society.

Are you ready to transform your life and career and harness your inner spark? Click through to our services page to see how we can help you!

See what clients are saying...

The Presence Point currently pending B Corp status and was founded by Sarah Lipton in 2015 after twenty years’ experience in systems-based leadership and deep contemplative training from the Shambhala buddhist lineage, which focuses on learning how to take leadership of one’s own life for the benefit of others.

We teach clients to be present within experience so that they can relate directly and genuinely with the environment and systems around them and thereby manifest maximum benefit.

When our relationships are grounded in things as they actually are, we can take our seat fully in the center of our path of leadership.