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the Presence Point

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

7:00 PM to 7:00 PM

San Francisco, CA

Embodying Leadership

1231 Stevenson Street San Francisco, CA 94103

phone: (415) 796-2507

Price: $10.00


Making her teaching debut in San Francisco, Sarah will lead participants at the San Francisco Shambhala Center in an hour long contemplation of embodiment, core challenges and mapping a personal creative strategy to manifest core vision.

Here's more information:

Public Talk with Sarah Lipton, Founder of The Presence Point, LLC

Leadership is a path of challenging transformation.  

Are you in a position of leadership but feeling stuck? Do you need support with utilizing your untapped talents? Do you perceive them to be there but feel blocked or paralyzed in bringing them to the surface? Join us for an exploration in which you will discover how to lead from your intuitive inner compass.

This talk is for innovative, creative people who find themselves in a leadership role, be it as an entrepreneur, school teacher or working on Wall Street. Our group will support you with soft but powerful encouragement. This is for you if you need help grounding and nourishing a current vision, reconnecting with a past goal, or manifesting and finding a new purpose in your place of leadership.

We will open the space, allowing you to bring up brave and direct questions to give birth to your own “innovative creative”. We will help you identify both inner opportunities and where you may see downfalls. You will be guided on how to explore your particular style of moving through your life, job or career by identifying how you make decisions, learning to navigate stuck patterns and developing your personal goals.

Are you accustomed to speedy decisions that come from a mind of fear and panic? What would a day feel like if you unlocked your innate creativity and allowed more embodiment and play?

In this talk, you will not only explore techniques to embody awareness, but you will also have the opportunity to engage your core questions and recognize the resources at your disposal. Please bring a specific situation, challenge or question you would like to work on. You will go home with a map you have created that will chart the path towards realizing your vision and goals.

Unlock your path of leadership. Be prepared for transformation. Take a leap and join us.

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