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Genuine Episode 6 Living on the Earth

Genuine: Episode 6: Living on the Earth

It's been a long time coming, but here is Episode 6: Living on the Earth.

This episode features two interviews - one far afield in Israel and the other close to the earth in Vermont. We'll be talking with my third cousin, Shira Danin who lives near Tel Aviv, Israel and works at a Zoo, and with Kate Good and Edge Fuentes who live and work on Good Heart Farm in Worcester, Vermont.

We'll hear from Sarah Lipton and Carlton Green about how these two interviews weave and intersect, and we'll also hear original music from Jim Infantino, Jon Sousa, Lee Blackwell with friends Katie Trautz and R.D. Eno, sounds from New York City recorded on a trip Sarah took there, as well as some words from Andriy Kucherenko and Greg McNally.

Thanks to Nicole Arsenault and Team Podcast for the editorial and mixing work. Thanks to the growing ranks of Patrons of Genuine (we're at 19 patrons!!) for supporting the development of this podcast!!!

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