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A Snapshot of My Week

A Snapshot of My Week

The autumn leaves are a riot of color here in northern Vermont. Leaf peepers “from away,” as we say, are already littering the roadsides with their abandoned cars while they tromp across fields in search of the best camera angle on those deeply reddened maples across the hill.

Meanwhile, I have been hard at work. Just for something different, I’d like to offer you a snapshot of my week.

A few mornings this week I watched some other babies so I could have time to work in the afternoons. I found a new strategy - just be outside with them. No need to entertain the babies. The autumn leaves, ripened apples, worms, dirt and brilliant green bugs are enough for engaging the toddler mind. Mine too, it turns out.

Another tactic I employed was working in the yard and letting the babies play at and around my feet. Digging in my garden to create my new garlic bed - I plan to plant this weekend - my daughter became the stone mover, creating a beautiful rock pile at the end of the row. Raking was a little more tricky, as someone, who shall remain nameless, thought it was just as fun to un-rake my piles.

Neighbors popped out of the woodwork this week, perhaps seeing me out in the yard more than usual. Some dropped by and like angels helped me fix two broken yard tools. And, thanks to the wonderful generosity of another new neighbor, I now have a fantastic new lead on a nanny-type person. Consistent childcare (here at home) is going to revolutionize my world.

I taught a class on Tuesday night, with 12 students in attendance - Meditation in Everyday Life. I attended a council meeting for a council I sit on. I attended two business meetings for a new business group I’m part of starting here in Central Vermont. I sat down on a cushion and meditated a couple of times. I interviewed four inspiring people for my podcast - one from New Zealand, one from Holland, and the other from Boulder, Colorado. And, I met with 2 of my clients.

I planned some upcoming projects that I’m working on in conjunction with a colleague here in Vermont - we’re going to be unrolling a new offering, so stay tuned for that. The sneak preview of our work - creating fantastic marketing videos for companies who want to share their vision.

I went canoeing with my little family. I talked to a friend in South Africa. I conspired with my brother about an upcoming visit. I sprained my ankle. I made dinner a couple of times. I ate a lot of apples off our tree. I recorded a short story for my first paying audio narration gig. I spent a few hours editing it. (You can listen to it here.)

Right now, I’m typing after having put my little one to bed, the fragrance of homemade pizza billowing up the stairs. And now it is time for me to close the computer on this week and go spend the evening with my beloved.

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