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There Be Dragons

There Be Dragons

The Value of Mind Mapping

At the edge of old maps they drew dragons to represent the unknown wilderness, the dangerous edges beyond.

In my work with clients, I have found extreme value in the practice of mind mapping. Through so much of our lives we spin and spin, not knowing our own minds, grasping at straws and trying to bring these threads of ideas down to earth.

What if we took a few moments to pause, feel our breath, taste our heart, expand our awareness to our whole body and the space around us, and then allowed deep inquiry to penetrate our minds? What if we asked the question: what is at the core of me?

Do it now. Pause. Feel your breath in your body, feel the chair beneath you, feel your feet, your back, your belly. Pause. Breathe. Feel.

Taking this pause allows us to uncover a deeper answer than if we just try to think our way into deep inquiry.

The value of letting ourselves begin to see our minds more clearly is huge - this is the beginning of creative process. This is where the roots of transformation lie. If we allow ourselves to sink into things as they actually are, we can see that we know what is at the heart of ourselves, we know what our vision and direction is, and we can begin to recognize the resources at our disposal.

Instead of freaking out about the dragons at the edges, we can begin to find familiarity with those edges and become friendly with the dragons.

Once we have arrived in this very moment, we can begin to play with mind mapping. This allows us to visually see our mind laid out on paper and we can begin to see our mind more clearly. There is so much room for us to expand our minds. There is so much possibility for clarifying and focusing our minds. Mapping helps us to play with the boundaries, the connections and the fractures. By seeing all of the connections in front of us, we can begin to see where the gaps are.

The key to mind mapping is giving yourself time to feel. We can’t think our way through this. We have to feel the elements that come into play. Putting them on the map allows us a new opportunity to review, study and inquire even deeper into those specifics, often allowing us to drill down and find the deeper layers beneath.

Mapping offers a mirror for the mind. The dragons beckon, inviting us to play on the edges and dance in the space of mind.

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photo credit: The Fifth Stone Dragon via photopin (license)