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the Presence Point

photo by Homer Horowitz

Calais, Vermont, USA

At the age of 5, I told anyone who’d listen that I when I grew up, I was going to travel the world. Then I grew up and did it. World travel taught me to be open to circumstance, twenty years on a meditation cushion taught me how to open my heart, and over twenty years in leadership positions taught me to be an organized systems-thinker.

Since then, whether I was dancing in a mud puddle, hanging rainbow flags, weaving, writing, quilting, launching businesses, gardening or becoming classically trained on the tuba – I’ve been CREATING!

By incubating in my own dynamic leadership process, I recognized the need to create a robust platform from which the empowering contemplative content I've been steeping in for over twenty years could ripple out to impact the leaders of today's society. The Presence Point is therefore a contemplative leadership empowerment vehicle. I also created GENUINE, Inc, a Vermont-based nonprofit with the global mission to transform society through community. You can check that out here:

I live rurally in Calais, Vermont with my hubby and two small girls but am available to clients around the world through Zoom other online platforms.

Please be in touch to let us know how we can serve you!