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Autumn Begins Updates from Sarah

Autumn Begins: Updates from Sarah

The sunlight filters through not-quite-green leaves. The cycles of the year have done their dance and it is again that rich season of early autumn.

The turkeys are, as I write, pecking away at the empty potato patch and the tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. It is a time again for new beginnings, and I am writing to share with you where I am at and what’s new with The Presence Point.

Some of you may know that I stopped working for the summer to have my second daughter. Indigo Poppy was born on July 2nd at 3:30 in the morning at 7lbs 14oz. Odessa Rose has adjusted beautifully to the new addition and the two sisters are really quite sweet together. I was extremely fortunate to have another beautiful home-birth and then enjoy a summer of being on our beautiful Vermont land with my family. It was not the easiest transition, but we have all learned and grown so much.

Now it is again September, and with that I am entering year three of my business! Odessa has entered preschool and so I am re-attuning my mind to The Presence Point. I have done a lot of deep inner work as well as dreaming and visioning over the summer and am delighted to share the fruits of my labor with you.

With Indigo snugly wrapped up on my body, I will again start meeting with my clients to guide them down their journies of leadership. I am excited and grateful to have a full client load to begin the season with. In the gaps between clients, I am busily finishing the last 5 podcast episodes of Genuine: Season One (you can become a patron of the project and hear the first 5 episodes here: Once complete, my team and I can get cracking on Season Two, and also begin moving towards a strong PR launch of Season One. I have also just lined up an outstanding photographer to partner with on a forthcoming book called Genuine, stay tuned for future developments on that!

Another project in the pipeline is that I am preparing to launch an online class focused on the tools and skills needed to embody leadership in a practical, effective and powerful way. I am also beginning the process of publishing my books (I have two in the pipeline to finish editing and get published, and more that I’m itching to write), and of course I will continue to blog for you.

The big news as I move forward this year is that I am shifting my work to create corporate mission development packages with the support of fellow colleagues in BNI (Business Networking International - my business networking group, for which I serve as the Secretary/Treasurer in my local chapter). My plan is to offer these services to companies here in Vermont initially, but as time goes on, to extend further out into the region and eventually the international sector.

I have my sights set far into the future, but am doing the work to remember how to be simple, how to be here and now. This dance between vision and earth is where presence occurs, and so I endeavor to cultivate patience about the possibilities I see.

As my business takes shape, I strive to form my offerings to meet your needs. So please engage with me. Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to write about in a blog article, or if there’s someone I absolutely need to meet and talk to for my podcast. Or, if you know of a company that is in need of mission development support, please connect us.

The Presence Point is here to serve the emerging leaders of our world. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work together!