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Self-Aware Leadership

Fog atop Mount Umunum, Los Gatos, California; photo by Sarah Lipton

Self-Aware Leadership?

As a leader, are you experiencing fogginess and clumsiness in your interactions? Perhaps it is time to turn inwards and develop deeper self-awareness. But why would you do that?

We at The Presence Point are celebrating. Why? Because the Harvard Business Review just published an article by Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter and Marissa Afton entitled:

Self-Awareness Can Help Leaders More Than an MBA Can

"Approximately 40% of CEOs are MBAs," shares the article. "Many large-scale studies have found that leadership based solely on MBA-trained logic is not always enough for delivering long-term financial and cultural results, and that it is often detrimental to an organization’s productivity. Self-awareness, on the other hand, is essential. It’s not enough for CEOs to lead with prevailing business theories. Leaders need to convince others of their vision and make them feel comfortable with change. And they need to do so authentically." (Read the full article by clicking here.)

It's in the news. Self-awareness is the secret key to leadership. Haven't I been saying that for years? Well, yes.

So why would you want to cultivate that self-awareness? Well, you can read the Harvard article, or you can just pause for a moment and reflect for yourself:

  • Would it be fulfilling to spend your time distracted and hooked by each and every reaction, only determining your inner confidence based on other people's opinions?
  • Or would there be freedom in letting yourself be who you are?

The truth is, we already have everything we need. Within us, right this very moment, is everything we need to recognize what is real, to understand which path to take, as well as the ability to rouse unconditional confidence.

All we have to do is pause, just be, feel and let that reflection guide us to insight. Then our actions, expressions and communications arise from genuine presence.


There is, therefore, no better moment to share with you that The Presence Point is perfectly poised to support the leaders of the companies you work for, are inspired by, and long to see succeed. Through customizable trainings, workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions, Sarah and her team are ready to guide leaders on an authentic journey to success.

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