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the Presence Point

Feeling the Itch

photo by Charles Blackhall

Feeling the Itch

At the top of the year, we have done some of the work required to reflect and connect with our vision going forward. We have a sense of where we are and where we are going. Just as the trees rest and trust that sap will rise again in the spring, we too must hold, waiting for the right time to unfurl.

Holding our vision means staying in tune with our heart. This is important because often when we act prematurely, we do so out of fear. Our actions therefore are not grounded, not connected to reality, they have not had a chance to ripen and mature.

I have done the work of reflection and now I have to hold. It is not time to act, not just yet. It is time to rest and gather energy just like the maple trees, to hunker down in the cold of winter and just be. Yet I can still feel the beginning of bubbling, the slow steady roasting towards fulfillment.

Learning to wait until the moment is ripe, by holding my vision and staying steady in the center of myself, allows me time to deepen and grow so that when I act it arises from a place of genuineness.

It is important to learn to hold vision because we need time for gestation before we birth our vision in the world. We can learn to have faith that our vision won’t go anywhere while we wait. Waiting until the right moment - until genuineness is ready to spring forward - is imperative because we are responsible for how we express ourselves in this world.

What we need as leaders is to learn to sit with the discomfort of not acting, of waiting until the right moment. This requires discernment, patience, trust and power. This requires bravery and courage. This requires willingness to feel the itch and not scratch it.