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the Presence Point

Unlocking Creativity

photo by Sarah Lipton

Unlocking Creativity

Creativity can be an elusive creature for writers and artists, and finding the best way to unbridle the imagination to craft creative works can sometimes feel impossibly hard.

In this audio interview, I answer questions about how I arrived at being a leadership mentor. Lee Purcell of ePublish Yourself! was able to deftly bring me to a place where I could describe my journey. As he says:

As an author and mentor in leadership skills, Sarah Lipton draws inspiration from nature and the beauty of Vermont, as well as her extensive travel experiences, work with Shambhala International, and journalistic endeavors. In this interview, Sarah talks about mindfulness, the career path that led to establishing her business, The Presence Point, and how creativity can be discovered within.

Click here to listen to the 25 minute conversation.